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Win a $10,000 Garage Door Package!

Would you like to win $10,000 of new garage doors? Enter the Clopay Sweepstakes for a chance to win! If the clickable link doesn’t work, here is the url:

Clopay garage doors is giving away a garage door makeover to one lucky homeowner during the $10,000 Garage Door Makeover Sweepstakes…

Clopay garage door giveaway forwarded by Complete Garage Door Service in Couer d'Alene Idaho

Girly Garages- Transform Your Cluttered Garage Into A Usable Space

Here are a few ideas presented by Clopay Door to make your garage space more inviting to use on a regular basis.

Organizing your garage can provide you with a useable space

You can check out the post and pictures here

Also, if you are in need of garage door assistance, please remember to make enough room for the technician to safely operate. It is suggested to clear 10′ of space from the garage door, for the technician to safely work on your door. If you are replacing your garage door, more space may be needed- but if you are having maintenance or repair work done…. 4-5′ of clear work-space around the garage door should be sufficient! Rule of thumb: “could YOU safely work on the door?” if not, move some more stuff!


A garage door repair technician 😉

Secret Garage Door- Check Out this Sweet Garage Door!

This Secret Garage Door in San Francisco is pretty amazing! Probably cost a pretty penny though!

The architect is Beausoleil Architects and they explain the project on their blog..

Happy Easter!

A Decent Garage Door Video

I found this video on YouTube and thought I would pass it along. It goes over some good reasons to perform regular maintenance on your garage door! One big thing to notice are the two different types of counter-balancing springs.

The two types of springs are extension and torsion.

Torsion Springs are the most common on newer garage doors. The work by twisting up and twisting down. They are wound up with the door in the closed position and then locked onto the torsion bar. As the door goes up, the springs unwind- providing a counter-balance to the wieght of the garage door.

Extension springs are more common on smaller, older garage doors. Note: It is very important if you have this type of springs to make sure there are safety cables present. If not, there is nothing to stop them from flying around the garage WHEN they break. Safety cables are an additional set of cables that attach at the back of the tracks (back-hang, from celing to tracks) and passing through the length of the spring to attach on the front of the tracks or wall. This prevents the extension spring from launching around the garage when it breaks! Extension springs work by stretching out as the door closes, allowing the garage door to be light enough on the way back up.

To learn how to Check the Balance of Your Garage Door, or general garage door maintenance, just post a question!