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Garage Door Repair: Do I Need to Clear My Garage Before a Repair Technician Arrives?

Clean, Organized Garage Space

As a garage door repair technician in Spokane- WA,

I have seen the entire spectrum of garage cleanliness and order! In some garages, you could eat off the floor and everything is in its place- In others, you cannot even walk through to the garage door! For those of you with VERY neat garage space, I applaud you! Keep up the good work…

For the rest of us (myself included), we may have a few things that need to be moved in order for a garage door repair technician to safely perform his duties. Sometimes, it is as easy as moving the cars. However, if your garage door has broken springs or it is unsafe to move it manually- it may not be possible to move out the vehicles. Just wait until the garage repair technician comes out and helps you safely raise the door. But if you can, it is always nice to move the cars out of the garage- and save a space for the technician in the driveway if possible! Our equipment can be heavy!

If you use the garage space for storage, it is important to clear certain areas for the technician to move safely- in order to perform necessary inspections and repairs. These areas include:

– A pathway from the interior door (and wall button for garage door) to the garage door itself.
– A 5’ clear space along the length of the inside of the garage door, so the technician can move back and forth.
– Another clear space along the length of the garage door opener, from motor to the garage door itself. (including an area around the motor)

By clearing these areas, the garage door repair technician can easily move a ladder and tools around as the inspection/repair process takes place.

Speaking personally, whenever a homeowner takes the time to clear a space for me to work safely, I am very appreciative! There is no need to move EVERYTHING out of your garage, but you can SHIFT it around a little and make a big difference!

Thanks in advance,

A Garage Door Repair Technician in Spokane, WA